Talk About It: Objects Pro HD App Reviews

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Great for expressive language

I'm using this to work on expressive language with my high school students. It's hard to find apps for them at aren't too babyish. They like this one, especially hearing their own voices. I am also using it with my fluency students.

Wonderful app!

This app is well thought out. It's a great tool for teaching the concepts of defining words, and deciding what is the most important feature that defines the word. Kids LOVE it! Thanks for a fabulous app!

Nicely Done

I have found this app quite useful in helping students work on determining appropriate details as well as recall. I like the options of recording the child's own voice during recall mode. I like that everything can be listened to as opposed to read. My biggest complaint would be the lack of choices in narrator voices as children on the spectrum often have a very definite opinion of voices. The narrator voice in this app is absolutely wonderful in intonation and realistic quality of sound (ie-not robotic) and has been liked by all so far but offering more than one choice could be beneficial. One complaint I have had by students is the lack of control in the game mode. It is basically touching the button and the ball is tossed. This factor does remove frustration from the game aspect but to some kiddos it makes the game less fun. They all still enjoy the game as it is, however, so really it is still a win:-) Overall, I love this app and HIGHLY recommend it. It is a wonderful tool for teachers, parents, learning coaches, and anyone trying to help a child unlock their fullest potential. Thank you for providing it. I use it every day!


This is going to be a very useful app, since many of my students have describing, categorizing and defining goals. They enjoy the game and really enjoy the spinner. I hope you'll be doing more talk about it apps!

Good for vocabulary.

A unique app which focuses on picking precise descriptions. Includes receptive and expressive portions. Works better for readers. Would like to see some visuals with sentences and the directions can be a bit lengthy.

Great app

Used this app today for the first time with one of my speech therapy kid and loved it! My kiddo loved it, too!!

Great App!

I absolutely love this app! My students that I work with finds it fun, yet challenging to talk about different objects by remembering the information they chose. Great addition to my bag of apps!

Great app!

Looking forward to using this app with my students. It will be great for helping students identify salient features of an object as well as practicing memory strategies.


Great app for both receptive and expressive language. Also good for test taking strategies of choosing BEST answer. Well worth $10 with all that you can do with it.


Great app. My students will love it. Thank you

This is a great app for expanding expressive language!

This app is great for students who are able to answer questions about object features with some prompts and cues, and for students who need assitance with recalling the details of being able to describe an object using several features. My students have liked this game and have begun predicting what the next question they will be asked. Thanks for creating another great app.


I have tried it with my daughter with Aspergers and found it helpful in working with her expressive language.

SLP and mom to child who has down syndrome

Well thought out app. Thanks

Love it!

Love love love it! Can't wait to start using it with my students.

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